• CHOCOLATE can stimulate sexual function. It’s aroma and taste can stimulate the lust center of the brain. With cocoa containing caffeine, serotonin, and phenylalanine, it can perk up everything!

  • GINKGO BILOBA LEAF can combat impotence, and promote erection strength.

  • FENNEL can increase the sex drive in women, and assist with menstrual pain.

  • CAYENNE PEPPER can combat fatigue, and increase sexual performance. It can really spice up more than just your food!

  • BASIL‘s aromatic scent can stimulate the nose to enhance the lust for sex. Traditionally, Italians and Greeks used basil to stimulate animals to breed. Can work on humans too!

  • CINNAMON can have an erotically arousing effect through it’s scent.

  • VALERIAN ROOT can aid in sexual performance with stronger sexual feelings, and ease menstrual cramps.

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Sexually Stimulating Herb:

Cayenne Pepper – Cayenne Fruit – Capsicum

Cayenne peppers are really  berries. They’re a fruit! They’re that red hot chili pepper we all know, and hopefully, love. Through my own experiences, I have discovered cayenne pepper offers many great benefits to the human body, some of which are directly connected to our genital areas.  Of course, individual results may vary due to a number of factors.

Consumption of cayenne pepper can increase blood flow to organs by dilating blood vessels in our bodies. This effect can increase the natural inflammation of our sex organs. Cayenne pepper also can increase heart action without increasing blood pressure, similar to how your body might respond to being excited or in love. Cayenne pepper can promote all secreting organs, so the body may lubricate itself a bit better. It can aid in longer lasting erections and stronger ejaculation. Cayenne pepper can definitely intensify your orgasms!

Cayenne pepper’s erotic effects mostly occur shortly after consuming, so plan accordingly. Add a bunch to a dinner meal, and let the seduction begin!

From consuming large amounts of cayenne pepper myself, I have noticed many other benefits it has to offer the human body. Once again, individual results may vary due to a number of factors. It has the ability to ease: stomach upset, ulcers, sore throats, irritating coughs, and diarrhea. It’s a well-known digestive aid. It stimulates the digestive tract to increase the flow of enzymes. It can help metabolize food and can relieve intestinal gas. Cayenne pepper can stimulate saliva production to promote healthy digestion and oral health. It can help ward off disease and combat fatigue. It may help relieve allergy symptoms. It may help break down mucus to leave the body quickly, alleviating cold and flu symptoms.

I’m not saying cayenne pepper will have the same effects on you – It sure works for me!


Recipes of the Week:

Spicy Chicken Breasts, Fettuccine with Cayenne and Sweet Pepper Sauce, and a great Spicy Seasoning Blend.

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Sexually Beneficial Herb:


Through my own experiences, I have discovered the direct benefits from consuming ginseng can help facilitate a healthy sex life. It’s a very powerful herb which can dramatically effect a man’s performance in general. Ginseng can help alleviate many forms of erectile dysfunction. It can improve blood flow to the penis, stimulate sperm production, fight impotence, and help control premature ejaculation! In women, ginseng can help curb menopausal symptoms. Of course, individual results may vary due to a number of factors.

From consuming ginseng myself, I’ve found it brings many benefits to the adult human body aside from it’s sexual wonders. It can strengthen the vascular and hormonal functions of the whole body. Ginseng can help stimulate physical and mental activity. It can deliver extra energy to the body and mind. It can help normalize blood pressure. Ginseng can revitalize the entire body and stimulate blood production. It can improve mood and boost endurance. Ginseng can help promote the growth of nerve tissue. It can aid in proper blood flow to the brain. Non-conclusive evidence shows ginseng can help treat cancer, heart disease, fatigue, hepatitis C,  and battle high blood pressure.

I’m not saying ginseng will help you as it has for me. Once again, individual results may vary due to a number of factors. I sure have found it beneficial in my life though.

To add ginseng into your diet quick and easy, check out Recipes of the Week for a new twist on chicken and beef.

The active component in Ginseng is Ginsenoside.

Be sure to consult your doctor if you are taking other medications before giving ginseng a try.  It can interact poorly with Warfarin and some depression medications. Diabetics should be careful as ginseng can alter blood sugar levels. Caffeine can amplify ginseng’s stimulant effect.

ginsengRecipes of the Week:

Baked Chicken with Ginseng, Beef and Ginseng Stir Fry, and Minty Ginseng Cranberry Tea.

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